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Since 2010, The Kern Company has strategically partnered with D2 Paving & Site Work as an equity partner in business. Affording us the ability to manage and complete the horizontal site development for the sites we entitle. This strategic partnership allows us to find creative solutions to problems that arise during development, as well as estimate project costs prior to contacting land. At The Kern Company, we believe that an in-depth understanding of site development leads to better evaluation of raw land and redevelopment project purchases.

With the exponential population growth in Florida, the need for residential housing is rising. Recognizing this demand, we came together with Troy Nauman of Nauman Contracting to create JT Building Group binging Nauman’s quality and record of accomplishment from up North. We plan to vertically integrate and take projects from development all the way through housing sales as we grow our own home building business.  Our most recent partnership was the redevelopment of a stalled mobile home project, converting it to a successful 195 unit single family home development which we sold to DR Horton.