Land Entitlement

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The Kern Company obtains  entitlements for investments ranging from single-use vacant land to large mixed-use Developments of Regional Impact and Regional Activity Centers. With over 30 years of experience in the land entitlement sales business. We have found it to be one of the most profitable sectors in the real estate market and are always on the lookout for additional equity sources. It is a capital-intensive business resulting in consistent returns ranging from 15-25% on an annualized basis. We do not contract land unless we project doubling our money in a 3 to 4-year time span.

Here, at the Kern Company, we are value-add buyers. Meaning that we contract land with the intent to improve and sell. About 95% of the projects that we take on require land entitlement or re-entitlement. We work with many professionals and engineers in order to design entitlement plans. While many entitlement projects present difficulties, we are able to overcome these and provide a vision with each parcel.