Property Management

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The Kern Company manages a portfolio of investor-owned vacant land holdings, multi-family apartment units, commercial shopping centers and free standing properties, as well as businesses including Pecan Park Flea & Farmer’s Market. We have depth of experience in managing assets that are being held for future sale, as well as managing assets that were purchased for a quick turn-around. Our focus is to minimize costs during any hold, while maximizing the use of the property whether it is through re-entitling the property for a different use, leasing up the property with commercial or residential tenants, or growing the businesses so that the growth can cover the costs of the investment. We have found that sometimes there is great opportunity in purchasing an existing, and often under-performing property, upgrading/retooling, and manage the existing business for future cash flow base resale, or holding and generating cash flow while rezoning for future redevelopment.